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Tables or Table Tops?

When creating any sort of game room or rec room, proper planning is a necessity. One of the first things you should consider if the amount of space you have. One big decision to make that will determine the amount of space used is whether you choose a poker table or poker table top. Each has its ups and downs, but you should always do a little research on your own to determine which would be best for you.

Poker tables can often be very large and heavy. Although if your room has enough space and you don’t plan on putting too many products in your room, this may be the way to go. Alternatively, if you only have a small space to work with, or you plan on putting multiple games in your room, you may find a poker table top would suit you better. Of course either tables or table tops come in variations for multiple games.

Poker tables come in multiple types, colors, game variations and sizes. You may prefer a poker table, blackjack, or a roulette table. Tables are generally much larger than their table top counterparts. This gives the added comfort of plenty of room for each player. They also tend to include padded rails, cup holders, and foot rests. There are also the somewhat smaller tables which simply have the folding leg frames. While remaining to be a full size table, they are much lighter and can be stored away much easier.

Table tops in many ways can be much more convenient than actual tables. Some still have the size of a table, but lack the increased weight of a table. Many also come with the added ability of folding down for easy storage and transport. Others may be much smaller but can include multiple games for a much more economic price. The only thing some table tops may lack is the added comfort that many full size tables provide.

So take your time and consider your options. Weigh out the pros and cons for each side and determine which is going to suit you and your game room best. It also helps to hear opinions from others who will be playing with you. Don’t just settle on something that may not be as appreciated as much. Find the table or table top that is going to best compliment your room.