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Space Saving Options for Your Game Room

Is your game room beginning to feel a little cramped because of all the separate gaming table you have? Well there are some other space saving options available when it comes to poker tables. The rise of popularity in poker and casino style games has definitely worked in favor of the consumer. The market has become flooded with just about everything you could think of when it comes to poker and gaming supplies.

One of these options is the tabletop poker table. These are an incredible option if space is an issue. They simply fold open and closed for convenient storage. They even come in several shapes and sizes, with some of them featuring more than just one game. Some feature a different game on each side of the table, for example one side may be dedicated to blackjack while the other is dedicated to Texas Hold’em. While there are several shape options, usually they come as an octagon with room for 8 players. They can be as simple as a felt surface to as extravagant as having cup holders and padded felt and a padded arm rest. These are one of the best options when it comes to space saving.

Another option is the felt layout. These work perfect if you have a long surface like a pool table or ping pong table in your game room. What they are is a piece of felt with a game printed on one or two sides. They are the ultimate space saving option because when they are rolled up they take up very little space and can be stored just about anywhere. Another positive to the felt layout is that they are inexpensive. For the price of one poker table or even a tabletop unit you can own several felt layouts. This makes it easier to have a large variety of games available for yourself and the family.

Don’t let space keep you from playing your favorite casino games. These are just a few of the options available to you if space is running short. There are more than these, all you need to do is do a little browsing to discover what you really want.