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Family Card Games

Everybody knows the popularized card games that are seen in casinos and movies. What about games that kids can play? How likely is it that most children are going to be able to sit down and learn the rules of Craps or Hold’em? There are plenty of card games that are fun for the entire family and are easy to learn.

One of the easiest card games for younger kids to start off with is Concentration. A standard deck of cards is shuffled and laid face down in four rows of thirteen. Players take turns flipping 2 cards face up in an attempt to get a matching number and color. For example, if someone draws a 7 of hearts and a 7 of diamonds, they win the pair and flip two more cards. Or for kids simply set the rules for matching numbers only without the color. There are multiple variations of this game that can make it a bit more difficult. The two deck rule not only makes the game much longer, but requires you to get the same two cards from each deck for a winning pair.

One of my favorite card games while I was growing up was Go Fish. Each player is given five cards, while the remaining cards are placed in a pile. Each player takes a turn asking another if they have a certain card. The object of the game is to make four of a kind. So for example you ask another player if they have any fives, if they do they must hand over all fives to you. If they do not have this card they tell you to “go fish” and you draw from the pile. The game continues until all the books have been made.

One of my favorite games of the moment is Lies. An entire deck of playing cards is passed out evenly to all players, with any remaining cards placed in the discard pile. The game starts off from Aces, when the first player must lie at least one card face down in the discard pile. The player can either play an Ace if they have it, or lie and place another card down in attempt to bluff. If another player believes they are lying, the can call “liar”. If the player is lying, they take the entire discard pile. If not, the player who accused them of lying must take the pile. Gameplay continues in a circle with each player laying down the next number. The first player to discard their entire hand wins.

These are just a few family oriented card games. Try them with your family or learn some new ones. Either way, card games are certainly a way to bring the family together and have some fun. Who knows, maybe your kids will surprise you and be able to out-bluff you.