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July 28, 2009

Learning Made Fun!

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Creative play is vital for childhood development and that is why the founders of Imagine It!, are so devoted to what they do. Imagine It!, is a museum in Atlanta in which children are the primary focus. They believe that interactive play is essential for children, and through exploration and hands-on activities children’s development will soar. The museum is hands on which mean that children are allowed and encouraged to use as many of their sense to participate in each exhibit. Take the children in your life and let them see how fun learning can be.

July 8, 2009

Summer Learning Fun

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Just because it is summer vacation doesn’t mean that kids should take a break from learning. There are many games that can be played that are not only entertaining, but educational as well. Blackjack is a perfect example of this concept because it helps with math skills, any number of people can play at one time and it can be enjoyed by adults as well as kids. To get started all you need is a deck of cards and maybe some poker chips. Copag 100% plastic cards work well because they are much more durable than regular paper cards. It is fun to use poker chips for placing bets, but pennies, beans, skittles or any number of objects can be used for a similar effect. Why not give Blackjack a try today.

November 4, 2008

Presidential Election 2008

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Yes, today is November 4, 2008; Presidential Election day. It has been a drawn out two year campaign, but after today it will have finally come to an end. That means no more political commercials, phone calls, road signs or any other political propaganda to bombard us at every turn.

My hope is that whichever candidate is elected, he will lead our country into a new era of educational reform. This is imperative, so that our great country will no longer rank below other countries in subjects such as math and science. America needs a strong leader willing to make our education system a priority.

September 30, 2008

Georgia’s School Superintendent Wins Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader

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Kathy Cox has been Georgia’s superintendent of public schools since 2003 and she is the first person to win the million-dollar prize on the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.

Since Kathy has been in office, one of her many accomplishments has been a new statewide curriculum for the Georgia Performance Standards. This new curriculum was instituted to assist students in preparing for college and the work world.

On Friday, September 5, 2008 Cox was able to answer the million-dollar question and thus, won the grand prize. She intends to donate the winnings to three schools in Georgia: Georgia Academy for the Blind in Macon, Georgia School for the Deaf in Cave Spring, and Atlanta Area School for the Deaf in Clarkston.  I’m sure that she will have some say in how the money is spent, so it should be put to good use.

December 3, 2007

Georgia Tech’s President may retire soon

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I read an article recently talking about Georgia Techs president, G. Wayne Clough.  The article talks about how he has lead the school from a simple engineering school to a top mutli disciplined powerhouse of education.

Now age 66, Clough hopes to land a teaching postion when he retires.  He also hopes the teaching postition will help him be involved in shaping public policy especially related to technology.  While no retirement date is set, after being the president of Tech for 14 years he has been quoted as saying that he won’t be president “too much longer”.

Among the achievements of the university during Cloughs management is the establishment of centers in Ireland, China, Singapore, and France. 

November 15, 2007

Georgia’s Youth Going to College

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Many more of Georgia young people are getting better opportunities to attend college these days.  Since the HOPE Scholarship was introduced along with the Georgia Lottery in 1993, the lottery has contributed millions of dollars to education through scholarships, grants, and genereal funding for school programs.

To qualify for a hope scholarship one must have and maintain a B average in core academic studies.  The scholarship will pay for tuition, mandatory fees, and a book allowance.  These incentives can apply to students at any public university or technical college in Georgia and may also be used for many private universities.