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November 19, 2009

University of Georgia Athens needs new Mascot

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The English bulldog that served as the mascot for the University of Georgia Athens, UGA VII, passed away today. He was the seventh dog to have this role and his run began August 30, 2008. Nearing the end of his second season, UGA VII was only 4 years old and is reported to have died of heart related problems. His father and predecessor, UGA VI, had been the mascot for UGA for nine years. According to a report on, there will be no mascot at the upcoming Georgia game on Saturday. However the former mascot’s north sideline doghouse will have a wreath placed upon it for the game.

Dogs have been mascots for UGA regularly since 1946, but the pure English bulldogs belonging to the Sonny Seiler family of Savannah Georgia have been the mascot since 1956. The family has noted that there are several options for a replacement mascot, but no decision is likely to be made until some time next year.

November 12, 2009

Fun Family Activities

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Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and that means school kids will be on break. Unfortunately some parents would rather hand out money to their kids like candy rather than spend quality time making lasting memories together. Fifteen years down the road your kids won’t recall all the money you handed them or most of the different toys they were given. However, they will recollect entertaining activities done together as a family.

Fortunately, in Georgia there is an abundance of fun filled activities to participate in. The Atlanta Zoo is a blast with all the animal varieties hosted there. The Georgia Aquarium is phenomenal, definitely an all day affair. Another alternative are the many fantastic museums in the area. For instance, the High Museum of Art and the Doc Holliday Museum are some of the most informative museums around. Really, the possibilities are endless so go ahead; take time out of your schedule and do some activities with your kids they will remember for a life time.